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At Oslo Midwife and Ultrasound Clinic we offer different types of ultrasound examinations throughout the pregnancy. We want your visit at our clinic to be a personalized and pleasant experience. We allow ample time for the actual examination.

All ultrasound examinations include photos and films sent directly to your mobile phone(s). (Unfortunately, the files do not come with audio)


It’s nice if you bring a companion with you. The experience can be somewhat diminished if there are too many people present. This has to do with both space and potential noise issues. Our experience is that children under the age of 5–6 don’t have the proper understanding or appreciation of the ultrasound examination.

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What is ultrasound?

2D (two-dimensional) ultrasound is sound waves that are transmitted from a probe into the body. The sound waves have such a high frequency that they’re inaudible to the human ear.

When the sound waves hit the body tissue, an echo occurs. The echo causes the sound waves to return to the sound head, which captures these sound signals.
After processing on a computer, the incoming audio signals appear as vivid images in black and white on a screen.

Is ultrasound dangerous?

Ultrasounds of pregnant women have been performed for more than 40 years. No adverse effects on women or foetuses have been recorded.

Ultralyd ved Jordmorklinikken bilde



We use advanced technology.

The ultrasonic device we use is called Voluson E8, a machine from General Electric Healthcare that produces very good 2, 3 and 4D images, and so-called HDlive screenings.

HDlive is an extraordinary rendering method that provides realistic, lifelike images of the foetus.

Through the use of an advanced illumination model, HDlive technology supports shadows, a virtual light source, and utilizes advanced skin rendering techniques.

HDlive differs in that it calculates the propagation of light through skin and tissue.

These devices are considered to be the best and most advanced on the market.

Watch video of GE Voluson E8

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