Gynecologist and obstetrician

Our proficient gynecologist and obstetrician will help you with routine examinations or other more complex issues.

New! We offer some of the appointments with obstetrician as videoconsultations. Read more about this further down.

Thorbjørn Brook Steen is a specialized supervisor, guiding women with birth anxiety as well as troublesome thoughts relating to pregnancy and childbirth. On top of that, he has excellent general competence in gynecology and childbirth counselling.

Gynecologist/Obstetrician Dr. Thorbjørn Brook Steen

The World Health organization (WHO) estimates that the proportion of pregnant women with a health condition or a risk factor that requires additional care that extends the normality, is approximately 25%. (Ref.: WHO Antenatal Care Randomized trial. Geneva, World Health Organization, 2002).

The midwives at the clinic are specialized in continuous follow-up checks with pregnant women that have no complications or risks. Our obstetrician has the competence to do continuous follow-up checks with pregnant women that require auxiliary help and care. These women are often referred by their midwife/doctor to the polyclinic/ birthing center. At our clinic, you do not need a reference from your doctor to come to our private gynecologist and obstetrician.

Here is a list of the services our gynecologist and obstetrician offer:

Gynecologist check-up

This check-up includes examination of general gynecologist issues like pain, bleeding and other common concerns. In this check-up, we offer guidance and advice, if all you want to know is if everything looks normal. There will be a physical check with ultrasound of the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, the uterus, the cervix, the vagina and around the vaginal opening. If needed, the gynecologist will do extra tests such as a pap smear test or STD testing. You can also get guidance to choose the contraception method thats is best for you, UID insertion, contraceptive implant, or contraceptive injection.

Follow-up on high-risk pregnancy / prenatal visit

Our obstetrician offers prenatal visits for women in high-risk pregnancies. If you have high blood pressure, high BMI, gestational diabetes, twins, muscle knots, previous C-section, experienced a traumatic childbirth, etc. this check-up is for you. Our obstetrician modifies the examination just for you and your specific needs. The check-up will include ultrasound as well as counselling. Our midwives are experts when it comes to following up normal pregnancies, whereas our obstetrician will follow up on pregnancies where there are extra needs.

Counselling for women with fear of childbirth / tokophobia

Some pregnant women experience fear of childbirth so strongly that it becomes all they think about, in a negative way. This anxiety can for some, take away the happiness that is normally related to welcoming a newborn into the family. If this is the case for you, it is recommended to speak with an experienced obstetrician. In this check-up, most of the time is dedicated to conversate in order to make sense of why you have this anxiety, as well as concrete advice and help to deal with the difficult and troubling thoughts. In these conversations we will not only focus on the actual delivery of the baby, but also on how to make you feel safe while you are giving birth. We will prepare a recommended plan for what will happen when you give birth, and this plan will be given to your maternity center. If necessary, we will do an ultrasound to make the woman feel safer and to try and decrease her negative thoughts.

In this check-up, it is beneficial if the partner can join.

Review of previously traumatic experiences related to childbirth  

Up to 30% of women have had a traumatic experience with childbirth. As many as 3-6% have experienced a previous childbirth so difficult that they have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If you review your previous experience in a safe environment, there is time to make concrete plans for an eventual further follow-up as well as planning your next pregnancy and childbirth. Before an eventual appointment with us, it is preferred that you get as much information as you can from your maternity center. Please also bring a copy of your journal, so that we can give you qualified and good answers.

Entirety follow-up after an abortion or stillbirth

Many women alongside with their partner experience an utmost feeling of sorrow and loss when their pregnancy ends with an abortion. At the hospital, there is usually not enough time to conversate with the doctor/nurses and get the emotional support you and your partner might need. If you want a check-up where there is time for both physical and emotional help, you have come to the right place. The obstetrician will do both an ultrasound as well as he will take his time to have a conversation with you, in order to figure out exactly what it is that you and your partner need. If necessary and wanted, we can also book follow-up appointments for an eventual next pregnancy.

Women and their partners that have experienced a stillbirth, will often be in need of extra support. You can get extra support from «Landsforeningen uventet barnedød» or your maternity center, but it could also be helpful to see an experienced obstetrician for check-ups in order to get extra support.

2D ultrasound week 6-11

Our gynecologist and obstetrician offer 2D ultrasound up until you are 11 weeks pregnant. From week 6-7, we can use ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy; see a heartbeat, we can confirm that the fetus is in the right place in the uterus, as well as We can see how many foetuses the woman is carrying and measure the foetus (CRL = Crown-Rump Length), and from this calculate how many weeks pregnant the woman is. This ultrasound will be done vaginally. This check-up is for both women who want to confirm the pregnancy, and also women that have a history including one or more miscarriages, cysts, muscle knots etc.

2D ultrasound week 20-40

This examination is done in 2D. The examination is primarily to check the growth and wellbeing of the baby, that is, we look at the baby’s position in the womb (breech or head-down position), look at the anatomy, make a growth assessment (where we measure the head, waist, and femur). We also measure the amount of amniotic fluid and blood flow in the umbilical artery for information on the circulation in the placenta.

2D ultrasound week 20-40 with cervix measurement

In this examination, we will check up on the growth and wellbeing of the baby. On top of that, the obstetrician will measure the cervix. A cervix measurement is usually done if the woman is feeling nervous about having a premature baby.


We offer the appointments “Counselling for women with fear of childbirth / tokophobia”, “Review of previously traumatic experiences related to childbirth” and”Entirety follow-up after an abortion or stillbirth” as videoconsultations. We also have an appointment called “Other” (30 min.) if you want to consult a obstetrician with other topics than mentioned above. Book the appointment thru our bookingpage or by phone. Before the appoinment you will recieve a sms with information and link to the videoconsultation.

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