This agreement consists of these terms of sale, information given in the order solution and any specially agreed terms. In the event of a conflict between the information, what is specifically agreed between the parties will prevail unless it is contrary to mandatory legislation.

2. Parties

www.jordmorklinikken.no is provided by Oslo Midwife and Ultrasound Clinic. Organization number 914462924, post@jordmorklinikken.no, phone.: 95414740. The buyer is the consumer who makes the order or purchase.

Information and pictures on the website are owned by the company or partners and cannot be copied without permission.

3. Prices and payment

In the sales window you can see the total price.

In some situations, it will be necessary to decide whether an agreement is a product or a service agreement. In principle, it will be considered a service contract if a trader provides or undertakes to provide a service to the consumer. A contract of goods is regarded as agreements where the trader undertakes to transfer the ownership of the goods to the consumer and the consumer pays or undertakes to pay for the goods. In a service agreement, there is no right of cancellation of completed services. There is no right of cancellation on services that have been delivered. However, this only applies if the delivery of the service has started with the consumer’s express prior consent and the consumer has acknowledged that the right of withdrawal will be lost when the agreement is fulfilled. See point 16.4 of the Consumer Council link below. If these requirements are not met, the service will still be canceled even if it is completed. In addition, the consumer’s obligation to pay will lapse. See point 13 of the Consumer Council link below.


3.1 Payment

Payment is made at the checkout. Payment method is provided by Bambora together with partners and Vimeo together with partners.

3.2 Card payment

Accepted payments: Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro. Direct billing.

3.3 Vipps

Payment with Vipps is made through your mobile number and verification of the Mobile Bank ID.

3.4 Invoice

For manual orders made through e-mail or telephone, this entails an invoice with a maturity of 14 days. The invoice is sent to the email address you provided or to your specified address, depending on your choice of distribution method at the time of purchase.

In case of late or non-payment 14 days after the due date, the case is registered with Lindorff AS. Lindorff AS will take over the case with possible cleaning fees and delay interest and any costs of debt collection.

3.4.1 Price

When selecting an invoice, an invoice fee of NOK 49 will be added

3.4.2 Questions related to your invoice

Send an email to post@jordmorklinikken.no

3.4.3 Repayment by invoice

If you have paid your invoice but later regret your purchase provided for in point 4. of this agreement, you have a receivable at Oslo midwife and ultrasound clinic. The purchase will be credited upon approved return. The repayment will be made to your account and you must therefore inform us of your bank account number and invoice information.

4. Withdrawal and Money

Cancellation of courses under the auspices of Oslo midwife and ultrasound clinic held at Ullevål patient hotel must be done and confirmed no later than 7 days before the course date. Cancellations received later than this will not be refunded.

Online courses are regarded as a service agreement and upon consent to purchase, the cost of the online course will not be refunded. Ref: point 3. of this agreement.


5. Privacy, Security and Personal Information

In connection with the booking, you agree that www.jordmorklinikken.no stores and uses your information. We do this to fulfill our obligations to you. We only document the necessary communications we have with you via email and telephone in the medical record system and ultrasound sharing program, in order to provide the service you expect from us. The information we receive from you is not shared with a third party. Read our privacy statement here, unless this benefits you on health related issues such as contacting hospitals, laboratories, doctors and the like.


6. Contact

You’ll find contact information here.

7. Cookies

A cookie is a text file that is sent from a website to the computer where it is stored either in memory (session cookies) or as a text file (text-based cookies). Cookies are used to store Log In or Shopping Cart while browsing different websites. If your browser is set to not accept cookies, you will not be able to place any orders on our site. You can easily change this in your browser settings. Please note that we do not use cookies to store your personal information. See an overview of our cookies here.

8. Force majeure

In case of force majeure, such as war, riots, blockade natural disasters, strikes and lock-outs, import restrictions, hyperinflation, robbery, burglary or other extent beyond the party’s control and which prevents the parties from fulfilling their obligations, Oslo midwifery and ultrasound clinics can claim exemption from the contractual obligation and liability. Such an exception applies on condition that the operation cannot be performed under these conditions. The other party shall be immediately notified of the circumstances and application of this provision.

9. Change of contract

After the customer has made a purchase, www.jordmorklinikken.no Oslo midwife and ultrasound clinic does not have the right to change the terms of the purchase unless agreed otherwise.

10. Complaints

If the customer has any complains, these are sent by e-mail to post@jordmorklinikken.no

11. Disputes and laws

Norwegian law applies to all purchases made under these terms. Disputes regarding purchases under these terms and conditions should be dealt with exclusively by a Norwegian Court.