Birth preparation online course

Many questions arise when a child is to be born.

The birth itself is the end of a pregnancy that most people have many thoughts, feelings and questions about.

Our online course makes you and your partner more prepared for the days before the birth and the birth itself.

As midwives at the maternity ward, we experience that preparation for the birth with information and knowledge about the birth process provides increased security and a greater experience of control for the woman giving birth. This also applies to the partner.

Topics that we address in the online course are:

  • Preparation for the birth, mentally and physically
  • The birth and the different phases
  • The pain experience and pain relief
  • Relaxation and movement in the different phases
  • The female body
  • Birth positions
  • Partners role during childbirth
  • The maternity stay
  • Breast-feeding and the use of contraception
Fødselsforberedende kurs
Photographer: Anne Lene Skotterud.

The course will be based on the normal birth process, but we will also get into situations that deviate from the normal.

We end the course by showing you pictures from Ullevål hospital. This includes pictures of where to go when the birth is underway as well as pictures of the patient hotel where many ends their stay at the hospital after giving birth. We do this to make you a little “familiar” with the hospital before the big day.

We will give you and your partner good information about the birth and also some information about the time after childbirth. We encourage both expectant mother and partner to participate in the online course so that you both know what is going to happen and can support each other during the childbirth.

This birth preparation course is a non-interactive online course that goes through the same material as the courses we hold at Ullevål patient hotel.

For NOK 549,- you get access to see the online course as many times as you wish for 7 days.

Please note that Oslo jordmor- og ultralydklinikk is the owner of the online course, and it is not allowed to download, copy or share the course or its content. By purchasing the course you accept the terms and conditions that the online course is a service agreement and that there is therefore no right to cancel services that has been delivered. Read more about this in our purchase conditions.

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