Privacy policy

With this statement, the Midwife Clinic wants to give you insight into how your personal information is safeguarded with respect and transparency. We guarantee that the information you submit will always be with your consent and followed by an explicit description of why we ask for it, as well as what the information will be used for. In cases where we ask for personal information from you, the reason will always be rooted in our intention to provide you with the best possible service.

  1. Our general manager is the one responsible for all the services we provide. She has the main responsibility for the processing of personal data. This means that it is she who decides what information is needed to perform the services that we provide. In addition, the person responsible for the treatment has the overall responsibility for how the information is processed and stored.
  2. The purpose of requesting personal information is to provide you with the best possible clinical care and to provide excellent customer service. We will only request the information necessary for us to enable us to deliver the requested service.
  3. We request personal information through the contact forms on our site. It will always be voluntary to give away personal information, and we make it clear what we use the information for. If you wish to terminate your affiliation or customer relationship with us, export your information, or change your personal information and consent, you can easily request this via our contact form or by a mail to We need to point out that some information connected with the Purchasing Act and the Health Personnel Act cannot be deleted or moved.


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We use analyseverktøyet the Google Analytics tools to analyse visitor data on This information is stored on Google’s servers in the United States and is subject to Google’s Privacy Policy.. To protect our visitors’ privacy, we have anonymized the IP address of our visitors. This is in line with the Norwegian Data Protection Authority’s recommendations. may contain links to external websites that are not covered by this privacy statement.


By using, or submitting information to us, you agree that your information will be used in accordance with these guidelines. We remind you that it will be possible, at any time, to delete all or part of your information related to the cookies and/or consents. Information about the customer relationship management that is subject to other laws, such as the Accounting Act, or the Health Personnel Act, cannot be deleted.