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Our online course

We offer a online Birth Preparation Course.

This course is a non-interactive online course that goes through the same material as our experienced midwives do in the course we offer at Ullevål patient hotel.

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Birth preparation course

Many questions arise when a child is to be born. Our online course makes you and your partner more prepared for the days before the birth and the childbirth itself.

As midwives at the maternity ward, we experience that preparation for the birth with information and knowledge about the birth process provides increased security and a greater experience of control for the woman giving birth. This also applies to the partner.

Topics that we address in the online course are:

  • Preparation for the birth, mentally and physically
  • The birth and the different phases
  • The pain experience and pain relief
  • Relaxation and movement in the different phases
  • The female body
  • Birth positions
  • Partners role during childbirth
  • The maternity stay
  • Breast-feeding and the use of contraception

Price kr 549,-