Birth preparation course

Many questions come to mind towards the end of a pregnancy. The labor itself is the last part that most people have many thoughts, feelings, and questions about.

Oslo Midwife and Ultrasound Clinic is establishing Birth preparation courses held at Ullevål hospital.

The course will make you and your partner better prepared for the days prior to going into labor and birth.

As nurse/midwifes at an obstetrics ward, our experience is that preparations for  birth, with information and increased knowledge about the process itself, will enhance the feelings of safety and a better experience of control for the woman laboring. This also goes for the partner.

NyfødtThe midwifes, that present the course, are experienced and work at an obstetrical unit.

The topics we will present are

  • Anatomy of the female
  • Pain experience
  • The mechanism of labor
  • The phases of birth, with maturity-phase, effacement of the cervix, delivery and expulsion of the placenta
  • Analgesics
  • Birth positions
  • Caesarean section
  • Criteria for staying at the hotel
  • When to contact us
  • The role of the spouse
  • 6 week control/prevention and breastfeeding

We will give you and your partner realistic information and knowledge about the birth of your child. This course will preliminary go into the normal process of birth, but we are also going to track off into other topics now and then.

It will be open to ask questions and talk to other people in the same situation in addition to us midwifes. Both first time mothers and mothers that have given child birth before are welcome to participate.

Time and location

The course is in the afternoon from 16:30-20:00.

Location is at OUS, Ullevål patient hotel, Kirkeveien 166, 0450 Oslo.

Booking and Reservation

Our prices are always per person. You choose how many you want to sign up for.

Please note that registration for 1 person applies to one person and not a couple. If both the pregnant woman and her partner wish to participate in a course with physical attendance (if this is possible on the relevant date for the course), 2 people must be registered (total price NOK 1,198). It is important that no more than those people registered show up to the course, due to the fact that  there will still be space restrictions associated with infection control measures.

For booking and payment please use the calendar below or go to this page. Cancellations must be registered by us no later than 7 days prior to course date for refunding. If you need additional information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Welcome to an exciting evening!

We have one Birth preparation course a month. See the calendar below.