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Many pregnant women may experience different types of worries, unease, and anxiety connected with their pregnancy and the upcoming birth.
It is a common and natural reaction to being afraid of what is unknown.

Occasionally, these feelings can be perceived as overwhelming, painful and may dampen the joy of pregnancy.

This experience can affect you in your everyday life throughout the pregnancy and can also cause concentration and sleep problems.

This form of anxiety is not positive and is called birth anxiety.
The causes behind this feeling may be the fear of losing control, anxiety about the unknown, fear of the pain, fear of something going wrong with you or the baby, and painful experiences in the past.

Sometimes, the body stores past experiences that have been repressed, but which, in a vulnerable phase, can reach the surface. In other cases, the cause of birth anxiety cannot be explained.

The vast majority of those who experience birth anxiety feel better if they seek help. It is wise to talk to a midwife.

Furthermore, we will provide you with information and guidance that can help ease the anxiety and increase the feeling of security. If we can’t help you, you will be referred to a hospital or specialist.

Most hospitals offer check ups for pregnant women with birth anxiety.

If you’ve previously experienced a difficult birth, you can get help with your fear and try to process some of the things that underlie it.