Prenatal Care

Based on The Norwegian Directorate of Health’s guidelines, the purpose of maternity care is to ensure that the pregnancy and the birth proceed in a natural way for mother and child.

“The mother’s somatic and mental health, and social well-being should be ensured in the best way possible. The prenatal care should further ensure the health of the foetus so that the baby is born viable and without disease and injury that might have been prevented.


This should be ensured through pregnancy check ups. When you’re pregnant, you can choose whether you want to go to a midwife or your GP for the check up.

If you need further assistance, you will be referred to the specialist health service, which usually will be the hospital where you will give birth.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the proportion of pregnant women with a condition or risk factor that requires special care beyond the usual range is about 25% of all pregnant women.

Ref.: WHO Antenatal Care Randomized trial. Geneva, World Health Organization,2002.

The Directorate of Health recommends a basic program with eight check ups up until and including pregnancy week 40, including ultrasound in pregnancy weeks 17–19.

Read more about what happens at the different types of pregnancy check ups here..


Due Date Calculator

Are you wondering how many weeks pregnant you are? Enter the first day of the last menstrual period here.


Pregnancy check ups with a midwife

The actual content of the prenatal care is standardized, but various topics such as diet, physical activity, breastfeeding, and birth will also be central.

Women need continuity throughout their pregnancy, often through meeting the same health professional.

We can offer initial check ups for filling in your Health record card (Helsekort) for expectant mothers and blood tests between weeks 8–12. We will then also apply for a place for you at your desired hospital. In addition to the actual examination, ample time will be given to conversation and information.

If your pregnancy does not proceed in a normal way, we will refer you to a specialist at the hospital where you will give birth.

We offer several check ups beyond the recommended basic program if you desire or require it.

Detailed information on pregnancy check ups can be found on this page.. 


Birth preparation interview with a midwife

Many people feel the need to have a conversation with a midwife when the time of delivery is approaching. Most women have many thoughts, questions and feelings they want to talk about. We can offer this at our clinic.

Issues might be:

Expectations and options

The female body

Preparing for birth, physically and mentally

Relaxation and movement in the different phases

The beginning of delivery and the different phases

The experience of pain and pain relief

Labour positions

Operative delivery with caesarean section, vacuum, forceps

The role of the partner


Practical questions


Conversation with midwife at our clinic

Do you have anything you want to talk to the midwife about that doesn’t fall within the categories of topics mentioned above? At our clinic, you can have individual conversations with a midwife both before and during pregnancy, and after giving birth. You are of course most welcome to bring a partner!


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